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Squeaking noise after windshield replacement

places that fix windshield cracks
This video is to document the high pitched squeaking noise coming from the lower center, center-left area of the windshield (the cowl area). My original windshield was recently replaced with a Pilkington Solar Laminated AS-1 Dot177 M65 windshield. The glass looks good, but the noise is driving me crazy!

The lower pitched rattling sound is from the Sony Action Camera mount, not related to the windshield issue that I’m having. My Sony HDR-AS15 is mounted on the driver’s head restraint using the handband action cam mount.

I’m also doing an additional audio recording using a digital recorder (that’s what I’m holding in my right hand) and another video recording on my Nexus 5 placed on the dash.

I’m driving North bound on I-880, near the Oakland Coliseum.