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A chipped or cracked windshield has its strength compromised and will not be able to withstand accidents, adverse weather or even day to day use as well as it should. A cracked windshield has a larger chance of shattering or inflicting injury during an accident. In many cases, windshield repair is covered by car insurance (under your comprehensive coverage not collision).

Windshield repair is a fast, safe and cost-efficient way to ensure that your windshield is in a good operational state. Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the break and fills it with a curable, optically matched resin and can usually be completed in under half an hour. Windshield repair is an inexpensive alternative to windshield replacement that can stop chips and cracks from spreading.

An auto glass repair is a more cost effective alternative and a quicker solution than auto glass replacement depending on the extent of the damage and size of the chip or crack. Our insurance approved services could mean that your auto glass repair is at no cost to you, and all of our materials are of the highest quality. Some people need urgent, same-day service as their vehicle is unable to be driven until the auto glass repair is made. In City, Mobile auto glass repair is our specialty!

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