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Car Glass Replacement
For the layman, car glass is a broad term that includes the windshield, windows, and front, rear, and door glasses. They are all the same. An expert will tell you this is not true. The windshield has few things in common with the rest of the glass used in your car, and understanding this difference is important for every car owner.
The windshield is made of laminated safety glass – a specially constructed glass that provides optimum safety to the driver and passengers in a crash. Laminated glass comprises of two separate pieces of glass bonded together with a layer of poly-vinyl-butyrl (PVB) sandwiched between them.
Usually, when there is a collision or a small object – such as a rock or a pebble – strikes the windshield, it causes damage only to the first layer of glass. Even if the impact is considerably severe and causes the glass to shatter, the PVB layer prevents the shards from flying into your face.
When the damage is slight, it is possible for Windshield Experts to repair it. However, in more extreme cases, when the vehicle safety is compromised, car glass replacement is a better solution.
When it comes to the rear and side windows of your car, they are not made of laminated glass. Here curved tempered glass is used. Tempered glass is made by heating ordinary glass and then rapidly cooling it, which makes it 10 times stronger than regular window glass.
Upon impact, tempered glass shatters, but not into large shards of glass that could cause harm. What you get is very small pieces of glass that have a dull edge. However, once the side or rear window breaks, it’s impossible to repair. Car glass replacement is the only alternative available to you.